Who am I? I'm your worst nightmare. I'm a developer who enjoys using and developing for Discordapp. Here are some things I've made:

Discord RPC Controller icon
Discord RPC Controller
An application that controls Discord Rich Presence.
My first ever Discord Bot.
A Discord bot made for Battlefield 2, a game released in 2005, whos API was later revived by BF2Hub.
Dad Bot
Dad Bot
Dad Bot is one of the most popular bots I've made by far, and is still growing quickly.
Dad Bot
Mom Bot
Mom Bot is Dad Bot's Wife, and is very confused, she doesn't like swearing either.
Discord server icon
My Discord Server
This is the support server for all of my discord bots. Also a place where people can hang out.
Safe Space Mod icon
Safe Space Mod
Safe Space Mod is my bot made for protecting my "safe space" in my discord server, its not public so no links to it.
I added some code to this to help it get ported over to linux, even though the code is in it now, it isn't officially built yet.
I made this game in 2 days because I felt bored, then made it into an app. Try and play it, use arrow keys.
This website
This takes you to the CSS that makes this website not look like garbage.
My GitHub
This is where you can find just about everything that I've made.
I stream sometimes. You should totally follow me.
ShareX server
I have a server for ShareX uploads, with some unique domains.
Contact me
Need to contact me through email? This is my contact email, feel free to send me questions about what I do.